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AutismUp’s Exploring Sensation

February 17, 2016

The term “team building” has become a buzzword in recent years, and has many connotations. In terms of corporate development, team-building exercises are important not for the immediate experience of the activities performed by the team, but also for the group skills, communication and bonding that result.

We were delighted to have Autism Exploring Sensation out to our trampoline park over the weekend!  This meet up consisted of around 20 college and high school guys and main point as their great group is called was to explore sensations. And what better sensation is their than flying through the air? Giving these guys a good platform to explore themselves it also gives them a chance to come closer with their peers as well, with having the massive size of our trampoline park it makes group activities a breeze. Everyone seemed very excited jumping, and it is always our goal to keep our trampoline park as safe and clean at all times. Hope see these guys back in our park soon.
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